Introducing Star Hollywood Cosmetics, an exciting new line of color cosmetics inspired by the glamorous lifestyle of Hollywood starlets and Divas over the last 75 years.


Created by Los Angeles based make up artist Lillian Marquez, Star Hollywood is an innovative line with gorgeous wearable colors, nutrient rich lipsticks, lip glosses, foundations, eye shadows and cheek colors that not only enhance your natural beauty, but protect and nourish your skin.

The idea behind Star Hollywood is that Hollywood glamour is something every woman can enjoy daily, and it starts with the idea that prevention and improving upon what you already have is the basis of true glamour. With fun, wearable shades of anti-oxidant rich lipsticks, like Lena Horne, B. Bardot and Grammy, and sleek cases and compacts. You will feel like a starlet when you pull your favorite lipstick out of your clutch and swipe it on your lips…whether you are going to a fashionable event at a posh club downtown or just out to the movies with the girls. Check out the entire line at for a fresh, modern take on old Hollywood glamour.

Lillian Marquez, owner and founder of Star Hollywood Cosmetics, is a Los Angeles based make up artist on a mission. Lillian has a vision of better cosmetics through combining great, glamorous colors with holistic ingredients that have both preventative and nourishing qualities. Her vision has been realized in the launch of Star Hollywood Cosmetics, a combination of classic Hollywood glamour, and botanical treatments done in a fresh, modern way.

As a young hairdresser is Seattle, Lillian was introduced to the world of make up artistry and immediately fell into success in glamorous Southern California. She was accepted into an elite artist school in Los Angeles where she was taught both classic and cutting edge application techniques.

Lillian proceeded to work steadily on film and commercial sets for nearly 20 years. Her clients loved her work and clamored for more, asking when she would launch her own line of cosmetics. Her individual sense of style and flair for color and glamour came out so clearly when she worked on her clients. But beautiful colors are not enough. Real glamour, Lillian thinks, is looking incredible without a lot of make up, having a beautiful canvas to start with and maintaining the best quality of care for you face and skin. She saw that there was a need to pair the benefits of high quality skincare with amazing colors. She knew the two concepts didn’t have to be mutually exclusive.

She launched a successful line of lip treatments, and decided that she would create a line for the full face…and Star Hollywood was born. Beautiful shades, rich and emollient, high impact pigments, beautifully glamorous and understated shimmer. Rich in vitamins, anti-oxidants and other skin boosting ingredients, Star Hollywood only includes the best ingredients that benefit the skin, and none of the junk or fillers in other inferior product lines.

“I hope you will love how you look and feel in my beautiful shades and formulas, all carefully hand picked and formulated with leading chemists. Star Hollywood embraces old Hollywood glamour in a fresh and modern way.”

Thank you,

Lillian Marquez